Journal Papers
Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers
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Invited Talks/Presentations
  • Khaloo, A. (2017) "Integrating 3D Computer Vision and Robotics for Condition Assessment of Civil Infrastructure" Howard University, Washington D.C., USA.

  • Khaloo, A. (2015) "A Hierarchical Computer Vision Approach to Infrastructure Inspection" ASCE International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering (IWCCE), Austin, Texas, USA. (Invited for VIMS graduate student demo special session)

Conference Presentations​
  • Khaloo, A., and Lattanzi, D. (2018) “Automated Color-Based Structural Damage Detection Using Photometric Invariant Computer Vision and UAVs,” Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, USA​

  • Khaloo, A., and Lattanzi, D. (2017) "Extracting Structural Performance Information from 3D Point Clouds" ASCE Structures Congress, Denver, Colorado, USA.

  • Lattanzi, D., Khaloo, A., and Cunningham, K., Dell’Andrea, R., Riley, M. (2017) "Integrating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Photogrammetry to Support Bridge Inspections" Transportation Research Board (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA.

  • Khaloo, A., Lattanzi, D., Cunningham, K., Dell’Andrea, R., and Riley, M. (2016) "UAV Inspection of the Placer River Trail Bridge: A Case Study" ASNT NDE/NDT for Highways and Bridges: Structural Materials Technology (SMT), Portland, Oregon, USA.

  • Khaloo, A., and Lattanzi, D. (2016) "Exploring Computer Vision Inspection Techniques through Data Mining of the Visual NEESHub" International Conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction (ICSDEC), Tempe, Arizona, USA. (travel award)

  • Riley, M., Dell’Andrea, R., Hinkley, E., Goetz, B., Lattanzi, D., Khaloo, A., and Cunningham, K. (2015) "Placer River Trail Bridge Inspection Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems" American Society For Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) UAS Technical Conference, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.