Placer River Bridge inspection using UAV and multi-scale image-based 3D reconstruction 

  • A new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based inspection methodology was developed to generate highly detailed 3D models of large-scale infrastructure systems

  • A custom designed and built multi-rotor UAV platform was utilized to provide maximum stability in variable weather conditions

  • The Placer River timber truss bridge was chosen as the test site for prototyping and testing the new UAV bridge inspection method

  • UAV acquired images were used to feasibly generate a highly accurate and dense 3D scene with almost 1.5 billion points

  • The final dense 3D point cloud was qualitatively and quantitively compared against the model acquired from a LiDAR system

  • Due to the high accuracy and completeness of the generated model, it is possible to conduct visual NBIS structural integrity evaluation using the high-fidelity 3D virtual environment

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U.S Forest Service Grant No. 15-CS-11100100-015