Automated finite element model updating using PARameter Identification System (PARIS)

  • Multiresponse parameter estimation was used for simultaneous stiffness and mass estimations

  • Monte Carlo analysis was performed to identify error sensitive parameters

  • NDT data quality analysis was implemented to reduce measurement errors

  • A set of most observable and error tolerant parameters were estimated

  • Two separate commercial software packages were used for real-time FE model updating

This study is based on the parameter estimation formulations developed by researchers at Tufts University that are used in PARIS© (PARameter Identification System) for automated FE model calibration of full-scale structures. PARIS is a custom MATLAB-based computer program which uses SAP2000© as a slave FE analysis engine using Application Programming Interface (API) for finite element analysis (FEA). APIs allow real-time exchange of information between MATLAB and SAP2000 during the iterative stages of FEA and updating model parameters in the optimization process, which makes this program more applicable to large structures in comparison with its previous versions.


During my time at Tufts, I was responsible for designing the workflow and programming the PARIS V.14 (latest version) software. ​PARIS is open source research software and has been posted at the SHM research website of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Tufts University at

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