• Featured on the cover of the CEI Annual Report for integrating computer vision and robotics for infrastructure inspection (March 2017)


       Read more - Seeing is Believing: Robotics and Computer Vision Combine to Execute

       a Virtual Bridge Inspection








  • Featured in Mason Spirit on next generation bridge inspection (April 2016) 

  • Featured in Nvidia Blog for GPU accelerated infrastructure condition assessment (March 2016)









  • Featured in Fudzilla for using GPU computing in civil infrastructure inspection
    (March 2016)

  • Featured in an interview conducted by the U.S. Forest Service on UAV-based inspection of the Placer River bridge in Alaska (December 2015)







  • Featured in Mason News for utilizing UAV in bridge inspection            (September 2015)







  • Featured in Mason News for developing robotic infrastructure inspection (January 2015)








  • Featured in CEI Annual Report as research highlights of the department for using virtual reality (VR) in structural integrity assessment (December 2014)